Sunday, 6 July 2008

Family of fluffballs

We had lots of heavy showers and strong winds today, it felt more like autumn than high summer!

I was continuing my painting inside the conservatory this morning when I heard the unmistakable high pitched sounds of a family of Long-tailed Tits arrive in the garden.

These tiny birds are one of my favourites. They often go about as a family party, constantly on the move and are lovely balls of pink, black and white fluff with a long tail stuck on the end! From the following photos, you will see that the young have a brownish tinge to them.
I also found that we had another Southern Hawker emerge from the pond. This one was in a much more obliging place to take photos. I don't know whether any of them have survived through this horrible weather, but all three of them had gone when I went to check up on them this evening.

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Eve said...

Hi Jen,
The fluffballs are adorable!! I love their long tails. We don't have them here, sad to say! Great capture on the dragonfly!! I took pictures of one two years ago coming out of the exuviae, but sadly it didn’t get out of the water before emerging. There were many that year that did make it so I felt a bit better. I'm happy yours did well!!
Great post!!