Saturday, 26 July 2008

Rodden Nature Reserve

Twas a beautiful summers morning, perfect for a visit to my local Rodden Nature Reserve. This is the reserve where I help with survey work and maintenence. It is literally just up the road from my home. Today, it was heaving with butterflies. Mostly Meadow Browns, Gatekeepers and Skippers.
It's amazing how focused you can be when you have a target to aim for. Just about 20 yards in front of me I spotted a Marbled White. The first one I've ever seen on this reserve. I was so
single-minded in wanting to get a photo of this butterfly that I walked right through a whole bunch of stinging nettles without noticing.....almost! I find that if you don't touch where they have stung you, it wears off much quicker! Really!

Apart from butterflies, there were also plenty of bugs to be found. Most of these I couldn't identify but they are lovely all the same. Here are a couple of Hoverflies or Bees, not sure which.....

This bug I have called The Heart Bug because of the white heart on it's back. I tried to look up what this is called, but couldn't find it. Any clue to ID from anyone would be much appreciated.

I couldn't resist taking this photo. I love the (almost) symmetry of the leaves and this bulrush.

It was pretty quiet birdwise, but I did manage to snap this Grey Heron and Little Egret. It was a lovely couple of hours over there.


Eve said...

What a beautiful post Jenny! You did a terrific job of it! I was a little tense when you said you walked into the nettle!!! OUCH!! You be careful out there...cows, nettle...what's next, a sink hole!!
You just have to go to my post from June... there's a surprise there for you!
All your pictures are PERFECT!

Mary said...

What a beautiful place! How nice to work somewhere like that. I love the butterfly pictures and the heron and!

Jenny said...

Hi Eve
Thanks! I enjoyed choosing which photos to include for this one. I do seem to be having some adventures recently. I'll be careful. Looked up your June posted just now. Coincidence or what!! (-;

Hi Mary
It is a lovely place to help out at. There's a few of us that have made up a volunteer group to look after the place on behalf of the Supermarket that owns the site. Glad you liked the photos.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,

Well done getting the Marbled White. I still haven't seen one.
Know what you mean about the stinging nettles, but I usually step in something else when I am concentrating on getting a special photo, especially in our local large parkland.