Sunday, 20 July 2008

Saturday 20th - part 1 - One bird wonder

This was a day of two parts. The first part was this morning when I went with a birding friend to Chew Valley Lake. This is a reservoir which holds water for the whole Bristol area. It was pretty quiet there for two main reasons. One, it's high Summer (supposed to be). This is not the best time of year for birding and two, there was a pretty chilly and brisk NW wind blowing.

In spite of this we had a nice time walking around parts of the reservoir and I managed to take some photos of some Black-headed Gulls of which there were quite a few. The juveniles were looking particularly smart.

One gull even thought it could walk on water! (-:

This adult was just showing signs of losing it's black (brown) head for the winter.

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Eve said...

The gulls are beautiful! That one is particularly graceful walking on water!! Off to part 2.....