Thursday, 24 July 2008

Lotsa Hosta and other stuff.

I was enjoying the hostas this morning while sitting in the garden with a coffee so thought I'd take photos of the different vareigations..........well, I only have three hostas, so not so much lotsa hosta as three! (-:
While enjoying the hostas, I'm close enough to enjoy the pond too. As I was watching, a Southern Hawker started to do some ovipositing on the rocks around the edge of the pond. All of a sudden there was a splosh as a frog leapt out of the pond to try and catch the Hawker. He missed, hence the sheepish expression!

Sometimes I just like to lie on the bench and look up at the sky, it's nice and restful. As I was watching a party of Swifts screaming overhead I noticed this lovely cloud formation, so.....decided get the camera and click........


Eve said...

Jenny we are so much alike! I love hostas and have about as many...maybe 4 now!! I only know the name of one...but I'll have to look it up! haha! If I sat here long enough I'd remember it's bedtime! Love the sheepish look...glad he missed. Tell him to go eat a mosquito. And of course the sky! I love a beautiful sky!
Thanks girlfriend!

Adrian said...

Hey Wren

I discovered a pond half way (or down!) Pen Hill the other day. It's fenced off to stop the sheep and cows getting in but it is accessible. I might try to spend some time and see what is there. Henry also has a pond at Colesbourne Park. Nicve cloud formation!


Jenny Vickers said...

Hi Eve
This is becoming apparent! (-: Don't know the names of mine either, except....Hosta 1,2 and 3! (-:
Don't get mozzies here, but I wouldn't mine tossing a slug or 5 billion it's way!

Hi Adgi
That pond might have Great crested Newts in it. I once saw one on the road down to the bridge. Let me know what's there when you next go. Maybe some good dragonflies....

Mary said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I see that you do love green also :-) My favorite! 3 hostas is 2 more than I have. The tree mine were under died and now the hostas are looking pretty sad without the shade. May have to dig them up. I like that frog...cute, even if sheepish. That cloud is wispy! I'll be back have a very nice blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,

Yes I like taking photos of cloud as well you can get some great formations. That one you have taken, I look at it for a while and it reminds me of those white hats that the Swiss Milk Maids wear. If that makes sense.