Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Rain stops play!

Well, what to do blogwise when it's been bucketing down with rain all day?
Nothing for it but to look at what photos I was taking this time last year. What a difference in the weather!

I had a day out down to Devon with some birding friends. Only, at this time of year (7th July), we had butterflies in mind rather than birding. We visited a place called Dunsford where the rare and local High Brown Fritillary is to be found. The tell tale thing to look out for with this butterfly is that the third spot in from the edge is both smaller than the others and slightly set in.
It was a beautifully warm day, perfect for butterfly and insect watching. Here are some of the others things that we saw that day.


Eve said...

Well theres not a thing wrong with breaking out the old photos Jen, especially when they are of such beautiful butterflies! We often 'bird' for butterflies and dragonflies too!!!
Now I'm off to visit "Wildlife in Colesbourne"!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny,

Lovely butterfly photos, I have not seen a Marbled White before.

We have got all your rain up here now unfortunately.

Duncan said...

Jenny, and Roy, wish we had your rain over here on the other side of the world. A nice set of photographs Jenny, I might have to start digging into the old bird photos soon if I can't get anything avian for a blog!

Jenny Vickers said...

Hi Eve, Roy and Duncan

Taking photos of butterflies can be quite frustrating, specially when they are very flighty, but when you have a lovely summers day and you dont have to be somewhere else, it is just such a lovely way to spend a day.
Hi Roy, was our summer just that week back in May??? Maybe August will be better.
Duncan, I've tried to blow our rain down in your direction. Hope you get some of it soon.
Cheers all

Stacey Huston said...

I love going through my archives.. great photos, hope the rain stops for you so you can get out again... thanks for sharing.

Jenny Vickers said...

Hi Stacey

Thanks for your thoughts. Sunday is looking a bit brighter so I might get out and about then.

All the best

Adrian said...


Nice pictures of the Fritillarys. Just reconfigured my blog but had to lose all comments! Having difficulty leaving comments so this is a test.

Mosura said...

Those flittery Fritillaries are looking good. Love the Scarlet Tiger too!