Tuesday, 15 July 2008


I noticed these two bugs in my garden yesterday which I have been unable to identify. I think one is a Ladybird larvae, but it's much more colourful than those shown in books. Any help with these two would be much appreciated.While I was out taking the bug photos, a Goldfinch landed on the phone line to pose.


Eve said...

Wow Jen!! Great photos of that critter. It looks like a ladybug larva to me but maybe Roy would know! I can't get over your goldfinch...I wish we had those here!
Been out on a picnic today, will write soon.

Mosura said...

I'd suggest both your 'bugs' are Harmonia axyridis - Harlequin ladybird

Good shot of the Goldfinch. You know I get more Goldfinches in my garden in Tasmania than I ever did in Scotland. Flocks of 20 or 30. Problem is they are an introduced pest here. They look good though :-)

Jenny Vickers said...

Thanks for that. I've just googled about Harlequin ladybirds as I think they are an invading pest over here. Yep, I need to go out and squish them, they are bad news. Shame as they're pretty looking bugs......bit like Goldfinches! (-: By the way, are you Scottish born or Tassie born?
Just wondering

Mosura said...

Yes - Scottish born but raised in Australia. Returned to Scotland for the best part of a decade and then back to Aus.