Saturday, 12 July 2008

Geraniums etc

These perennial Geraniums are a feature of my garden at the moment. Along with Primulas, they are a favourite of mine. Trouble is, I've gone and forgotten which ones they are!!! Whatever names they have, I think they are gorgeous.

This Verbena photographed from above is pretty special too.

Another flower that is doing well at the moment is the annual Snapdragon. If I'm lucky, it might seed itself for next year.My tomatoes in the greenhouse are coming on well. They are just at the flowering and greening up stage. Can't wait for them to ripen, there is nothing like the flavour of homegrown Tomatoes! This particular one is a cherry type called Sungold.


Eve said...

Well, there Jen, it offical, now I know we have a lot in common as I have geraniums that I can't remember the names...snapdragons that came up from last years plants, a beautiful verbena, and tomatoes!!! Ha Ha!!
The pictures are beautiful!! I'll write soon...very close to done on the coop...hoping the weather holds out!!!

Jenny Vickers said...

That makes me feel ALOT better. Glad I'm not the only one with a dodgy memory! (-:
Glad the cooping is nearly done and dusted. Happy keets soon then.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flower images Jen.

I can smell the tommies from here.

Jenny Vickers said...

Thanks Roy.

I don't know what on earth they do with shop bought toms, pump them full of water I think! We need some more sun to help the ripening process.